Andrew Tate
Jerry Schoenith
Partner Acquisitions
Owner Miss Renault elf UIM APBA
Unlimited Hydroplane World Champion
Rookie Driver of
the Year
June 10, 2016   Private Test  Washington State
Jerry Schoenith
Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership experience
to the U-9 team, including twelve years with the Miss
Budweiser organization, were he served in a number of
capacities including design and fabrication.

Jeff’s racing career started at an early age, at only 14 he set
his first world record in a limited hydroplane and would go
onto set 3 records and win the 1985 national championship.
His first unlimited experience would come helping his
brother Mike work on the Miller American hydroplane team
in 1987 which led to other unlimited teams like the US West
Cellular, Frank Kenny Toyota and the 1988 Mr. Pringles
team and others prior to joining the Miss Budweiser team in
1992 and continued until the team stopped racing in 2004.

Jeff continued to hone his hydroplane skills by fabricating
parts for other teams and building nearly 100 scale model
race boats and is currently the president of the Electric Scale
Unlimiteds club. In 2011 Jeff was called upon by owners
Mike and Lori Jones, and Mike Hanson crew chief for the U-
1 Miss Madison/Oh Boy! Oberto, to bring the 9 to Detroit as
a last minute replacement for the Oberto race team, and was
so impressed by how well Jon Zimmerman and the boat
preformed that he decided to call upon some of his former
Miss Budweiser team mates to run the team at the next two
races. With the help of Dave Arnold and Mike McIntosh,
the U-9 qualified in the top half of the field, besting a
number of well financed teams and setting the stage for a
major comeback of the Jones Racing team.
Jerry Schoenith
Lori and Mike Jones
U-9 Team Owners
Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate taking a victory lap after winning the "Dash for Cash"
His first Unlimited Hydroplane Race
Andrew and father Mark holding the 1st place