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The Roostertail was the stepping stone
for every major star at Motown. Many
say if it was not for Tom a
nd Jerry
booking young black act during the
turbulent 60's Motown may never have
become world famous. Now the sounds
that echoed off the glass walls of the
Roostertail's nightclub are a Broadway
hit musical.

Dreamgirls is a 1981 award winning Broadway musical and won
two Oscars as the  film adaptation by the same name. The movie
stars Jamie Foxx, Beyoncé Knowles, Eddie Murphy, and Jennifer
Hudson. The movie  is the unauthorized histories of the Motown
record label and one of its acts, The Supremes.

The story follows the history and evolution of American R&B
music during the 1960s and 1970s through the eyes of a Detroit,
Michigan girl group known as "The Dreams" and their manipulative
record executive.
The Roostertail is known for
kicking off some of the world's
young entertainers' careers.  One
was Australian-born singer and
an academy award winning  
songwriter Peter Allen. His big
brake came when he became
Judy Garland's (The Wizard of
Oz)  protege. He went on to
marry Judy's daughter, Liza  

The Boy From Oz is a jukebox
Broadway musical telling the
story of Peter's life.Hugh
Jackman  won the 2004 Tony
Award for Best Leading Actor in
a Musical
Peter Allen played the
Roostertail twice during
the 60's
Christopher Walken,
Erica Piccininni
Kathrine Narducci
Picture taken at the Roostertail during The Four Seasons
John Monaghan, Detroit Free Press Special Writer, notes that when
“Jersey Boys” finally makes Roostertail is referenced in the show.

That’s because the venerable restaurant-club played a role in making “Can’t Take
My Eyes Off of You” a hit.

Bob Gaudio, an original member of the Four Seasons, refers to “Eyes” today as “the
one that almost got away” until local radio station CKLW-AM intervened.

In 1967, the record’s producers urged Paul Drew, program director at the legendary
station, to consider the tune for rotation. For much of the ’60s and ’70s, CKLW was
credited with launching hit records via its powerful signal, which emanated from

Drew didn’t warm to the song at first, but accepted an invitation to hear it live at the
Roostertail, where Frankie Valli was performing a weeklong stint with the Four
Seasons. Drew liked what he heard and added the song to his station’s playlist.

“The switchboards lit up, and the rest, as they say, is history,” Gaudio recalls.
The Four Seasons Rocked at The Roostertail in Detroit!
One of younger groups that Jerry Schoenith,  booked at the Roostertail was Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.
Their 1967 appearance created Frankie's biggest hit "Can't Take My Eyes Off  You". During the second act of
Jersey Boys, Frankie gives the Roostertail credit for giving their new sound the boost needed to put them back on
top. The Broadway hit has grossed over one billion dollars worldwide,

Jesus Christ Superstar, Dreamgirls,
The Boy From Oz, Motown the Musical, and Jersey Boys.
stories got their start at the Roostertail.
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'Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You' which has led to long-term
confusion over the song's title - although the Frankie  Valli
record is correctly titled and based on the original song title.
The song was among Valli's biggest hits, reaching #2 on the
Billboard Hot 100 and earning a gold record. It was Valli's
biggest "solo" hit until he hit #1 in 1975 with "My Eyes Adored
You".[1] "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" has had a major
cultural impact, with hundreds of cover versions, many of
which have been on the charts themselves in different
countries. The song is a staple of television and film
soundtracks, even being featured as part of the plot of some
films, such as when the lead characters sing or arrange their
own version of the song. The Valli version was also used by
NASA as a wake-up song for a mission of the Space Shuttle,
on the anniversary of astronaut Christopher Ferguson.

Gold record (for the sale of one million copies) for
"Can't Take My Eyes Off You", 1967
Christopher Walken,
Jersey Boys Fisher Theater launch party features
three cast members at the Roostertail
Jerry Schoenith
Ted Neeley had just appeared at the
Roostertail before he did both the play
and movie by the same name Jesus
Christ Superstar