1964 Rookie Driver of the Year
Jim Ellis right, crew chief and Jerry won,
in front of 500,000 hometown fans, the
Horace E. Dodge Trophy Race.
Jerry Schoenith driving Gale’s Roostertail Unlimited
Hydroplane to victory in the President’s Cup Invitational in
Washington D.C., the Mayor Trophy Race during the
Seattle, Seafair and Horace E. Dodge Memorial Regatta in
site of five hundred thousand Detroit race fans.
(1953) Years before Indy and NASCAR adhered
corporate names on their race cars and crew
uniforms, Jerry’s Father Joe Schoenith, put his Gale
Electric Company’s name on uniforms, letter heads,
wallets and cigarette lighters just to name a few.
Jerry the Driver

More than a decade before NASCAR, 1964 Gale Enterprises travailed to all races with their big rig.
The Miss Smirnoff and Gale's Roostertail rig featured an air conditioned lounge. In addition to enough room
for a tool shop and six Allison engines. Artist painted gigantic full color drawings of booth team boats.
Jerry Gale's Roostertail U-44  above giving Jim Range driver of
My Gypsy pictured in the background a run forthis money.
                       Above are pictured the six Unlimited Hydroplanes that Jerry drove.
Gale V,  The Roostertail, Gale's Roostertail (1)  Gale's Roostertail (2) Miss Smirnoff ( Qualifying  atempt and Miss Renault elf,
      ( a thank you winning drive) the last piston powered unlimited hydroplane to win the UIM World Championship.   

There are a few things that still make me mad today. My
boat, the Gale's Roostertail, was perfect for the 66 Gold
Cup. It had more power than it could handle. When we
qualified Miss Smirnoff driven by Chuck Thompson its
sister boat was second. Bill Muncey was on the top of the

I had a good time but never put my foot in it. Nothing but
and use some of the hoarse power that I never did would
have got me up to near the top.

But brother Lee said no. Well was it because he did not
believe in me or something else. I will never know. But
one thing for sure is the engine in the Gale's Roostertail
was so good they took it out of my boat and put it in the
Miss Smirnoff. Then one more was gone.
The first Roostertail U-44 1964 Madison
GALE V 1964 San Diego
The Gale's Roostertail was the first pickle fork unlimited;  Jerry loved how the
boat would  fly like a bird. Pictured Madison IN 1968