1972  Gold Cup winner Bill Muncey
“Wild” Bill Cantrell, Joe and Lee
First Gale unlimited, purchased from
Warren Avis, the founder of
Avis Rent A Car
In 1949 Joe Schoenith with six year old twins, Tom and
Jerry and Lee celebrating the launching of the first Gale.
In the background is the Belle Isle Bridge (nickname)
Lee Schoenith 1955 Gold Cup APBA
National Champion 1953,1954,1955,
Lee Schoenith owner Atlas Van Lines
“Wild” Bill wins President’s Cup
Joe, Tom and Jerry, brother Lee and Millie
Atlas Van Lines won every race in 1972 but one. The Atlas Van Lines was
National Champion and the APBA God Cup winner that same year.
Gale IV in the Seattle Rose Garden
Diana and Tom Schoenith
and Fran Muncey
(1953) Years before Indy and NASCAR adhered corporate
names on their race cars and crew uniforms, Jerry’s Father
Joe Schoenith, put his Gale Electric Company’s name on
uniforms, letter heads, wallets and cigarette lighters just to
name a few.
June, 1958
At eighty-eight years old Joe’s automotive powered Unlimited Hydroplane,
Miss Detroit, won the Stroh's Trophy Regatta on the Detroit River.
Lee Schoenith testing the first American  jet boat. It was built for Lee's father Joe Schoenith