Jerry and Tom
Streaking was the rage.
Customer of the Palm River Club with Jerry
Tom and Diane
Detroit's last great
Social Butterflies.
Only during the  
days of the
fabulous Grosse
Pointe 60's
season, has
anyone given
more lavish theme
Jerry Schoenith pictured with Nashville's Grand
Ole Opry singing star Brenda Lee. Each
Christmas  the fourth (4) most played holiday
song is Brenda’s  "Rockin' Around The Christmas
Joe and Millie Schoenith
Lester Lanin society band appearing in the Palm River Club
Jerry brings in Paul Revere and the Raiders to
perform in the Upperdeck
Stevie Wonder in
concert in the Upperdeck
Tom, Lee and Jerry Schoenith
Bette Midler and Tom in the Mud Hut
The 1975's SAE annual Detroit
delegates got their eyeful during the
Roostertail's first Las Vegas style floor
"Come Fly With Me"
Fanne Foxe
The 60s and 70s saw Grosse Pointe Shores' version of the Playboy Mansion
opened. Social gatherings from a small elegant bachelor party for Buhl Ford lll,
to charity events for 500 guests are just a couple of the countless affairs held
at the Schoenith Family’s Lakeshore Drive home.

The entertainment area had a stand-up bar made from gold leaf. This
red/orange shag carpet room held up to 75 partygoers. At the head of the
winding stairway going to the third floor was a pink marbled ladies room. Icy
chilled champagne in the gold adorned bathtub was part of the larger affairs.

The Hawaii style cocktail bar found on the lower level was as authentic as
Trader Vic’s. Mother’s favorite place in the home with its full Ohi’a
handcrafted wood bar, 8 Maui barstool, 25  golden brown wicker chairs
surrounding monkey pod brown with darker streaks wood cocktail tables.
Three other highlights were the carved Tiki, swing basket chair, and not so
Polynesian the 12’ electric TV screen.

Guests well remember the gourmet foods, lavish sweet tables and the premium
liquor at 585 Lakeshore Drive.  
Jerry Schoenith picture in News story
Jerry  and Fanne opening night
Jerry on stage acting as
MC for the floor show
at the Roostertail  throughout the years. Some are
Andy Griffith, Robert Goulet, Bruce Springsteen,
Teresa Brewer, Bill Cosby,  Eartha Kitt, Jose Ferrer,
Eric Clapton, Chicago, Billy Dee Williams, Roger
Daltry,  Donald Trump, Eminem, Michael Jackson,
The Who, Kid Rock, Mick Jagger and the Rolling
Stones, and Aretha Franklin just to name a few.
Fountain Room
Opening of the
Mud Hut
Elton and Jerry
A Cigarette Girl?
Jerry Schoenith as host at the PRC
Tom pictured at Jerry Schoenith 's Grosse Pointe Shores home bar.
During Jerry's decades