My Detroit is a first of its kind, finest
times as well as the future of America's  most
troubled city .

Overall, the site creates the beginning of a refreshing  
fun story about metro-Detroit. When published on
line, My Detroit Story, will truly be a multi-media
entertainment experience for  all ages.  

My Detroit Story is a work in progress; and is the
only online book that details the truth about Detroit,
its people and businesses through its past, present
and future told by Detroit's most influential

Richard Graves
Pictorial Version
Jerry Schoenith
(1)     The Roostertail: Famous Detroit venue celebrates
55th anniversary, Schoenith twins turn 70

(2)      Heritage- Roostertail's Schoenith family: Detroit
entertainment, business pioneers

(3)      Boat racing- Detroit's controversial first family of boat
racing: The Schoeniths

(4)      The Roostertail- A celebration of the Roostertail's 55
years in business, and how it plans to stay another 55

(5)       The Roostertail's Schoenith family: A lesson in the
American dream
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